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Welcome to Valley Animal Hospital
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Since 1985, Valley Animal Hospital of Merced has been known for excellence in veterinary care-- our motto is our mission statement-- "Love Also Dispensed Here." Over 98% of our clients would refer us to their friends, which is why we have a 4.9 (out of 5) star rating on Google Reviews!

Valley Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that offers pets 'wellness treatment' and vaccines, spaying & neutering, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, chemotherapy, ultrasound and radiology, in-house laboratory, pet lodging and care, an online discount pharmacy, and so much more!

We make our patients and clients comfortable with a beautiful veterinary facility. Our doctors will give you straightforward answers and we offer a number of resources that enable you to learn about how to take better care of your pets.

Please contact our team today to get started on your pet's lifetime of wellness care with us.


Jon Klingborg, DVM

Christine B. McFadden, DVM

Adam Lauppe, DVM

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  • "Always a pleasure! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Dr Klingborg is the best we trust him with our kitties completely"
    Valerie P.
  • "Dr. McFadden and associates take great care of my dog Owen."
    Mike D.
  • "Our experience with Dr. Lauppe and the staff at Valley Animal Hospital has been great! We moved to the area and needed to find a Vet. Several of our neighbors recommended Valley Animal Hospital. Our cat is not a good citizen when it comes to going to the Vet, Dr. Lauppe's care has been wonderful. We are very pleased with his care for our temperamental cat."
    Mary H.
  • "All of the staff and veterinarians are outstanding. They always answer all questions clearly and professionally in a friendly, personal manner. We could not ask for better care."
    Bill M.
  • "I was passing through Merced, and stopped by early in the morning after realizing my Kitty had what looked to be tapeworm symptoms. They treated her quickly and professionally and it was just an overall great experience for a new cat owner like myself. Thanks again!"
    Trever H.
  • "I would give VAH ten stars. The dogs love Dr Klingborg and so do I. His table side manner is fantastic. He is a brilliant diagnostician and surgeon. His staff is excellent. The hospital is well kept. No question is ignored. As a vet tech years ago, I rate this the BEST hospital I have ever been in, bar none. We are lucky to have this business in our community! I recommend them to all of my animal loving friends."
    Sherry W.
  • "Dr. Klingborg is excellent in providing complete explanations and informative options on my pets' treatment. He is willing to listen to my concerns, questions and comments. I have been a long time customer at Valley Animal Hospital and hope to continue my patronage for many years to come."
    Cathie B.
  • "There is no better place to receive quality Veterinary care than at Valley Animal Hospital. Dr. Christine McFadden has cared for our animals for nearly 30 years...and time and time again she has proven to be without peer when it comes to proper diagnosis and treatment...all of our animals have benefitted from Dr. McFadden's special gift and enjoyed happy, healthy lives. Without any reservations we highly recommend Dr. McFadden and the caring people at Valley Animal Hospital."
  • "We just moved here and had a rescue situation. The doctor (Dr. Lauppe) was great, professional, and very helpful. Price was very reasonable. We will be going back!"
    Sam D.

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